Soy de TACNA, y escribo desde acá ocurrencias propias y no necesariamente por coyunturas.

domingo, 1 de mayo de 2016


Tiempo que no practico mi inglés. Ni qué decir de mi francés, portugués o quechua :( 
Esto es de las pocas cosas interesantes que enseñan en los colegios. 

  • "Aprender un idioma es tener una ventana más desde la que observar el mundo"
  • “Quien no conoce lenguas extranjeras, nada sabe de la suya propia”
  • “Está comprobado que aprender idiomas te hace más listo. Las redes neuronales del cerebro se fortalecen como resultado del aprendizaje de lenguas”
  • "El genio más íntimo de cada pueblo, su alma profunda, está sobre todo en su lengua"
  • "Con los idiomas estás en casa en cualquier lugar"

viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012

The contents that will be posted in this site couldn´t  be labeled under a unique aspect you can identify or  differentiate from other blogs. I believe, either the very known Humanity or  Miscelany labels fit well and happy. my academic training is, trully, in Letters, and  what I am going to write are words, quotes and related texts  in the things I think are interesting, such as History, Journalism, Religion, Pedagogy and more; by myself or from others.

What I said, however, is not an impedimet for paying attention to issues as Sciences which I don´t really know and, at the same time -for my ignorance mistery, perhaps-, attractive.

Then, what I post from here to a close date, is the entire set I wrote here and there about topics I wanted to comment, rummage and satirize since I graduated from High School.

Finished the transcripts, I´ll try to write more notes, if time allows. My current advantage with an own  PC is what promote all. From cyber to cyber, with no space and pennies, it was very difficult to post something by Internet; I did it, though; but with the only gain of an angry mother to the son who asked and asked money for who knows what, and the fame among two or three friends.

I´m not expecting praise (I don´t really know if this will be read by someone besides my); I feel fine with the self-satisfaction for the writings and the growth of mind because of investigation. Besides, I infinitely prefer pens and sheets of paper to keyboard and screen. This means, therefore, I outline, begin, develop and end my notes using ink and vegetaable fiber. The computer is just a cure to my ugly calligraphy that is famous between people who knows me.

I also expect to improve my style, based in practice, what school and university didn´t promote its students but till last year of *college (very slightly workshops, by the way), a few months ago.

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